If you want to enjoy the cultural high lights of Roman or Etruscan excavations and cities...Guinzano is in an ideal central position for such visits.


If you want to walk through thick forests of chestnut trees with drinkable spring water will find these in the hills surrounding the village of Sassofortino.


If you want to get some exercise...there are challenging trekking paths in the area and great bicycle opportunities in the hills or through the Maremma. And for a less tiring exercise...we have the new boccia course!


If you are looking for wellness and health...take a bath in hot sulphur wells, either for example at the elegant hotel in Petriolo or at the impressing Saturnia well.


If you long for the blue sea side and long sandy will find them after abourt 30 minutes drive at pittoresque Castiglione della Pescaia or in mundane Punta Ala.


And if you want to unwind, soak up the sun and recharge...stay at Guinzano under an olive tree with a good book and a glass of delicious red wine.


Distances from Guinzano to some cities:


     Sassofortino               1 km

     Grosseto                  34  m

     Siena                        60 km

     Florence                 100 km

     Pisa                        110 km

     Rome                      200 km